Inspirational Wedding Food Ideas for 2019

For those planning their wedding in 2019, there are some great wedding food ideas emerging. From inspirational menus to creative ingredients, we’ve gathered some of the best ideas together to literally give you some ‘food for thought’.

Food from Around the Globe

When planning your wedding, one of the ways to add more heart to the day is by making it as personal as possible. Whether it’s honouring your family’s cultural heritage or celebrating some of the places you’ve visited as a couple, international wedding dishes and multicultural menus are set to become even bigger in 2019. From delicious Mediterranean salads to canapes or evening snacks that incorporate boerewors (South African sausages), there are plenty of spots on your menu to inject some global flavours. If choosing a traditional hog roast, you can even look for a wedding caterer who can add an international twist to the menu such as vibrant Mexican ingredients or Italian herbs and spices, rubbed into succulent meats which fall off the bone.

Sharing Is Caring

Most couples want their guests to feel relaxed, but this can be hard during a formal sit-down meal. Sharing courses are becoming a huge hit at weddings thanks to their ability to turn an awkward atmosphere into one which is buzzing and full of conversation. Sharing platters encourage your tables to interact, helping to create talking points and break the ice. Another trend emerging is ditching the sit-down meal altogether, with many selecting fresh food stations and ‘serve yourself’ style options to allow guest to mingle, build their own plate of food and eat as much or as little as they want.

Unique Late Night Snacks

We all know how full our stomachs get after gorging on delicious wedding food, but by the time the evening comes, we’re always looking for the perfect snack to enjoy in between dances. Boring buffets are going out of style, with more couples than ever choosing their favourite treats as a way to add another special touch to their evening celebrations. Imagine gourmet cheese toasties that melt in the mouth or wood fired pizza stations that allow guests to have a fresh pizza served to them in under 90 seconds. These are the type of late night snacks that hit the right spot.

Entertaining Catering

Wedding food preparation usually takes place behind closed doors…but not anymore! This year, we’re going to see more of a rise in wedding caterers cooking in front of guests, putting on a show which will stimulate all the senses. It’s a great way to add some excitement to the day, build up a buzz and create memorable experiences that your loved ones will be talking about long after your wedding has finished. Not only that but it allows food to be served when it’s hot, fresh and ready to be eaten.

Feeling inspired?

Speak to the team at The Gourmet Hog Roast Company about your wedding menu. We can offer ideas which will fit in with the theme of your day and provide the finest, freshest, free range hog roasts and BBQs across London and the South East. Contact us now to speak to a member of our talented team.

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