Wedding Trends

So I thought I would share with you some of the trends we’ve noticed over the last couple of years with regards to weddings. I’d like to caveat that we’ve not completed an exhaustive quantitative study, counting for every type of variable in terms of age, demographic etc – this is purely our observations when we’ve been taking enquiries to cater for couples weddings.

1. Informality

We’ve noticed a trend the last few years whereby people are moving away from the traditional, military precision-esq wedding with ceremony at 12pm, photos from 1.30-3pm, speeches, hog roast etc etc etc. Instead the enquiries we have received have had the term ‘relaxed’ as a central pillar of the theme. Obviously there is a ceremony, and food, and photos and speeches but it is done with a more laid back approach.

2. Kiss Goodbye to ‘Class’ of Guest

The idea of inviting day and evening guests is also something we’re seeing less of. Couples are no longer differentiating between Auntie Mavis, and Dave the old office colleague who you don’t see anymore but he invited you to his wedding so you feel obliged to do the same. This may be tied with the fact people are not necessarily spending hundreds of pounds per head on food, and can afford to invite everyone.

3. Starting Later

A lot of functions we’ve been involved in recently have also started a lot later than normal. We are seeing more and more people have an event kick off at 3-4pm instead of midday. With a relaxed atmosphere being more prevalent this later start time may be linked to couples wanting their guests to be attending a ‘party’ instead of ‘wedding’. Lots of food, drink and dancing are also high on the agenda here.

4. Table Settings

More of the hog roasts we’re catering for at weddings are also looking at more relaxed seating arrangements for the food. Couples are telling us they don’t necessarily want table service, and are happy for food to be presented buffet style- adding to the informal and relaxed nature of the day. Key requirements are good quality food, and lots of it! They need something to soak up all the alcohol being drunk.

At the Gourmet Hog Roast Company we understand that no wedding is the same, and we work with clients to tailor the food & drink to match their exacting requirements.

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