How to create the perfect hog roast party or BBQ event

Planning a hog roast or barbecue event can be an exciting time, creating memories with loved ones, staff and other event attendees. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, hosting a corporate gathering, or simply enjoying time with friends and family, a hog roast or BBQ is a fantastic way to bring people together.

Here are some of our essential tips for creating a hog roast event to remember.

Can you serve hog roasts at all events?

Once you’ve picked your location, choosing the right food for your event is key. Luckily, hog roasts and barbecue catering are versatile, suitable for all events. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor garden party or indoor feast, caterers can adapt their menus, presentations and serving styles, including chef-run stations in the open air and large BBQ platters delivered to inside tables.

What’s the best meat for a spit roast?

Whole meats, such as pork, lamb and chicken are perfect spit roasting, rotating over heat for perfectly even results. The process can take up to 6 to 7 hours with large meats, such as a hog roast, creating delicious, succulent and tender results with crispy crackling like no other. Few catering solutions offer such fresh and tasty food. Some BBQ event organisers even decide to offer a selection of options, such as hog roast rolls and chicken rotisserie stations.

How many people does a hog roast feed?

Hog roasts are ideal for all guest numbers, so whether you’re feeding a small gathering of 30 to 50 guests or you need food for hundreds of attendees, packages are tailored to requirements. You could also consider a lamb spit roast and other BBQ options to cater for your guest numbers.

What sides go with a hog roast?

The perfect sides for your hog roast will depend on your menu. Traditional pig roasts often serve the pork in fresh rolls and apple sauce with crispy crackling. However, you can raise your game with additions such as roast potatoes cooked in the meat juices (seasoned with rosemary, garlic and sea salt), Mediterranean salad dishes, homemade coleslaw, potato salad, cold pasta, pigs in blankets and beans. If going for something a little different, such as a Mexican hog roast, you could even serve hog roast wraps with salsa, guacamole, chilli and sour cream.

What should you serve at a BBQ party?

If planning a special BBQ event, you don’t have to stick to the same old fare you see each summer. Professional barbecue catering offers more options, having sourced high-quality ingredients from trusted butchers and farms for the most flavoursome results. Seasonal produce is your friend when it comes to BBQ food, from mixed vegetable and halloumi skewers to deliciously marinaded salmon fillets and chimichurri steaks. Speak to your BBQ caterers to find out more about popular options this season.

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