Using the Tradition of Hog Roasts to Enhance Your Event

Hog roasts are one of the most exciting catering ideas when it comes to events. The visual elements, sounds and aromas created by expert hog roast companies can get a crowd talking before they’ve even tasted a bite. As a versatile option, hog roasts are chosen for many different types of celebrations. This includes traditional gatherings which need a menu to befit such an occasion. Here’s how the tradition of hog roasts can enhance your event.

The History of the Hog Roast

The tradition of cooking whole pigs as part of a hog roast spans hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. Over the centuries, expert techniques were established to slowly roast meat over a fire to keep it as tender as possible. This includes the turning of the hog over the flames using a metal skewer rotisserie, which was highly popular in the Middle Ages. After this time, hog roasts evolved as the Renaissance of the 14th to 17th centuries took place, bringing new spices and basting sauces to the table. Now, in the 21st century, there are many global and cultural influences which have gone into each hog roast company’s techniques, flavours and presentations, all with the aim of serving a delicious feast. They’re chosen for everything from weddings and parties to corporate gatherings, delighting crowds and igniting all the senses.

Hog Roasts for Traditional Events

While hog roasts are a popular option for modern celebrations, they’re also regularly selected for occasions steeped in history and tradition themselves. For example, the Gourmet Hog Roast Company recently catered for an annual summer event which celebrates the Yeomen Warders (Beefeaters) at the Tower of London. The tradition of the Beefeaters has been in place since Tudor times, so a hog roast was the perfect food to serve at such an occasion. Hog roasts are also used to bring a sense of history to other celebrations too. For example, they’re often chosen for sharing feast wedding banquets held on long tables.

What Is a Traditional Hog Roast?

When deciding on your hog roast menu, there are many variations and flavours you can choose. However, there are some essential elements to create the ultimate traditional feast. The hog is the centrepiece of your menu, having been slow-cooked until it’s succulent and full of flavour. There’s also the sides to think about, including fresh bread rolls, tasty salads and seasoned roast potatoes, which we always cook beneath the pig to capitalise on the incredible taste of the juices. Accompaniments which can’t be missed include apple sauce and of course, out of this world, crispy crackling.

If you’re organising a traditional event, speak to the Gourmet Hog Roast Company. We work across the South East, including areas of Berkshire, Hampshire, Winchester and Kent. Contact us now to discuss your hog roast event catering ideas.

Traditional hog roast catering - use our menu ideas to enhance your event
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